Social Media...the highs & lows

Every little girl dreams of her wedding day. Some so much so that by the time she gets engaged, the finer details are planned in a colour coded binder with no need for input from her significant other.  Sadly however, the stark reality of soaring costs now means it’s nigh on impossible to have everything on your wish list.  With the average UK wedding now reported to cost in excess of £25,000, it’s no wonder brides and grooms are looking for more and more ways to save money.  


In a culture so highly influenced by social media, there is enormous pressure on the newly engaged to keep up with the rest of the betrothed on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram to name but a few.  With a few clicks and a few choice keywords, it’s so easy to see how the millions of images, ideas and suggestions can suddenly seem daunting, overwhelming and quite frankly frightening to couples going through the wedding planning process.  It’s not so much keeping up with the Jones’s but more the need to keep up with the latest Insta sensation or the newest rich kid on the block.  


It’s hard for some of us to remember a life without social media but the scary fact is, Instagram only launched in 2010 and Facebook is only just over a decade old.  In the days before we posted every detail of our lives online in the click of a button, it was much easier to escape the constant questions of distant relatives or old school friends on your choice of wedding venue, what favours you’re having or who’s doing your bridal make up.  When did everyone suddenly become a wedding professional with an opinion on your choices? Your wedding day is one of the most significant in your life and the planning process should be as enjoyable as the day itself.   While groups and accounts on social media sites may offer help and suggestions, there’s the other side of these groups that harbour trolls and busy bodies who are solely out to bring other brides down.  These so-called keyboard warriors often use the facade of social media to say things they’d never dare to in person for an ego boost.  Unfortunately, this is the darker side of social media.  When used correctly, these sites are invaluable tools when wedding planning and it’s such a shame that some have to spoil it for the majority.


Our love for preloved totally bypasses the stigma of competition and the need to outdo other brides.  We help our brides to empower each other and build other women up rather than trying to be catty, underhand and bring others down.  Preloved is all about passing on your treasures to others for them to enjoy and add that personal touch to any event.  By embracing preloved and second hand items, a certain sense of individuality is automatically injected into a bride’s wedding day and shows that you don’t have to follow the masses and buy brand new from the high street to create a beautifully styled wedding.  For all the potential pitfalls of social media, by utilising sites to their full potential, they are in fact a wedding planning dream.  Using Pinterest, Instagram and all the others, you can create fabulous mood boards and keep all your ideas in one handy place.


As a wedding professional, social media has proved an invaluable marketing and PR tool, a genius way to collate ideas and also is my go-to for new ideas and inspiration from across the pond.  As part of modern, everyday life social media is something you cannot escape...and why should you? As long as it’s used correctly, is understood and you learn quickly that if and when someone tries to criticise and bring you down, there is only one thing to do.  Do not respond and rise above their low blows.  Focus on your big day, your vision and what makes you happy.  As long as you’ve got those basics down, nobody else’s opinions matter.  Embrace the times we’re living in, use these free tools to the max and shout about your happy ending! You’re about to embark on the next chapter of your life and why shouldn’t you let everyone know how happy you are...

It comes down to the old cliche I guess, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.


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