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Shoes can make or break any outfit...

We're all guilty of it...choosing a whole outfit based around a beautifully stunning pair of shoes.   Suddenly though when it comes to one of the most important days of your life, your wedding day, your choice of footwear almost gets forgotten in the search for your dream dress. Shoes are one accessory that should never be overlooked! Whether it be a jewelled pair of flats or a show stopper killer heel, they have the ability to make or break any ensemble.     This is something that bridal footwear designer Charlotte Mills knows only too well.  The amazingly talented designer from the other side of the Pennines graduated with a BA Hons in Product Design & Development for the Fashion...

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Social Media...the highs & lows

Every little girl dreams of her wedding day. Some so much so that by the time she gets engaged, the finer details are planned in a colour coded binder with no need for input from her significant other.  Sadly however, the stark reality of soaring costs now means it’s nigh on impossible to have everything on your wish list.  With the average UK wedding now reported to cost in excess of £25,000, it’s no wonder brides and grooms are looking for more and more ways to save money.     In a culture so highly influenced by social media, there is enormous pressure on the newly engaged to keep up with the rest of the betrothed on Pinterest, Facebook and...

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Why we love preloved

Read our blog post by The Nuptial - A Preloved Yorkshire Wedding Have a read of this interview with me, Katherine Cocksedge - owner of The Bridal Market Ltd where I explain why I love preloved and what you can expect at our unique wedding fairs.

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